The Electroplating

Optimal coating due to high-quality standards


The electroplating of printing cylinders is a decisive step in the printing preparation. As only accurate and evenly finished printing cylinders guarantee high quality printing results requested in the final printing process. Good reason for you to rely on AKG.

For us electroplating means much more than just the “electrochemical separation of metal deposits on objects”. Electroplating is for AKG a decisive step for the subsequent print. Therefore we attach greatest importance to correct, accurate results when realizing electroplating processes for your print products.

The field of quality assurance and management plays of course a vital role in our electroplating process. No matter whether it is the constant analysis of the acid and metal content of the baths, whether it is checking the layers applied or the inspection of the raw material. We stand behind the quality of your orders with our good reputation.

When it comes to electroplating processes you should not only rely on long-term experience, but particularly on longlasting quality and constant inspection.
Rely on AKG!

Our advantages at a glance

    Steel base production
    Both thin and thick layer procedures
    Increase in circumference
    Various polishing structures for your surface (e.g. cross polish)
    Optimal surface roughness according to customers` requests