The Engraving

The final realization of your individual specifications


The best possible preparation becomes useless when the final result doesn`t meet your expectations. This is the reason why engraving your cylinder is of vital importance for true-to-detail and accurate printing results. You should better place your orders for producing cylinders with AKG.

Immediately after getting the final go-ahead of the reproduction results we start engraving your required cylinders in close consultation with you. Of course AKG relies on selected engraving machines from reputable and market-leading manufacturer to make sure you will get consistently first-class results and absolutely top quality.

By the use of such high-quality machines and due to our long-term experience as well as continuous traning of our employees, an exact matching of size, form and depth of the cells on the corresponding material and the colour used for the printer is possible without any problems. And by this systematic optimization we make sure that you won`t have any nasty surprises when printing your products.

Consequently, AKG is the best partner for you when it comes to realizing your print products. Therefore, it is best to find out yourself and convince yourself of our excellent service.


Our advantages at a glance

    Long-term experience
    Exact repeatability
    Optimal realization of the reproduction approved of
    Use of state-of-the-art machine technology for electromechanical engraving
    Cylinder records for our customers