The Chrome-plating

Perfect protection for long durability


Nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, this is also true for AKG gravure cylinders. However, with accurate chrome plating we make sure that you can successfully make use of your once-only investment as long as possible in your company. With top printing results of course.

The cylinder itself consists of solid, extremely durable steel. However, especially the alloy and the engraving therein that finally ensure the print, are easily wornoff. Our process of chrome-plating gives you an optimal protection for your investment as the chrome-plating makes the soft alloy much more resistant and grant longer durability.

Our job is by far not finished with chrome-plating. Additionally, we offer you to dechrome cylinders which have already been used and chrome-plate them again. By doing so, you will extend the life-cycle of your cylinder considerably. The result: Best protection for your investment not only for the short term but also for the medium and long term.

Our particular strength is not only the accurate production of cylinders but also their finishing in order to guarantee maximum durability of your investment.


Our advantages at a glance

    Long-term experience
    State-of-the-art chrome-plating machines
    Regular check of the chrome bath by external companies.(quality control)
    Double chroming is possible